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Desinfecção de ambientes

Electrostatic disinfection ensures greater efficiency

We perform the disinfection service by nebulizing the environments with 5th generation disinfectants, which eliminate up to 99.99% of the pathogenic microorganisms from the surfaces. This nebulization is done with cold fogging machines or electrostatic machines that guarantee a better efficiency in the surface coverage.

The difference between the cold process and the electrostatic one, is that in the second, the product mist when leaving the machine, receives a negative electrical charge, causing the particle fog to be attracted by the surfaces which have a positive charge, allowing a more uniform product distribution and total surface coverage.

We use state-of-the-art products, with effectiveness proven by technical report and with virucidal potential for Coronavirus / MHV strain Beta genus Coronavirus, Influenzavirus and Adenovirus.

We offer an optional service to control the effectiveness of the application by luminescence of ATP. In this case, we collect samples from some points on the surfaces of the environment with swabs (special swabs with reagent) and insert these swabs in a device called Luminometer, which makes the measurement of ATP. This reading identifies the amount of organic matter (bacteria, viruses and fungi) present on the surface (measured in RLU).

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