International Cleaning Franchising

International Cleaning Franchising

Be the owner of a piece of the world

Becoming a International Master franchisee is the right path for anyone looking to establish themselves in one of the markets that will grow the most in the next decade.

Globalization and the increasing demand of companies for better quality, lower-cost services and services require modern methods and systems to ensure the desired results.

The Limpidus franchise system fully responds to this challenge.

Since the customer deals with the business owner, that is, the Limpidus franchisee, who guarantees quality service and unparalleled service.The international expansion of Limpidus will be done through Country Master Franchises .

An International Master Cleaning Franchise will be granted only to a person or group interested in each country and warrants the exclusive right to develop the Limpidus system for a long period.

It is the responsibility of the International Master, to set up and administer a network of Regional Master Franchises, which will develop the Limpidus system in each city or region. Each Regional Master becomes a sub-franchisor of the Limpidus system, each of which is responsible for selling, training and developing a network of local franchises in its territory.

It is incumbent upon the International Master Franchisee:

. Open the first regional office and act as Regional Master
. Sell ​​Regional Master Franchises
. Provide training and support to Regional Master Franchisees
. Control the quality of the services provided by the network
. Develop marketing actions for the network
. Develop national clients and partnerships
. To be the channel of communication with Limpidus in Brazil
. Attend annual meetings
The initial investment in a Limpidus International Master Franchise ranges depending on the country chosen. In this amount is included part of the franchise fee as well as all expenses of the first two year of operation

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