Limpidus redesigns its cleaning and disinfection services for casinos and hotels

Limpidus redesigns its cleaning and disinfection services for casinos and hotels

“Our chemical uses the components that are used in 67% of the formulations recommended by EPA to attack COVID19 (compared to only 16% of chlorine), in addition to the product that we use in the flushing requirement,” adds Argenti, who has hincapié in the professional equipment and the trained staff who runs the firm, which operates in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, USA, Panama, Costa Rica, Australia, Nova Zelandia and India.

In the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Limpidus, a company that has provided professional services for over 40 years, has redesigned its service with a focus on deep cleanliness and disinfection through nebulization. This service is especially recommended for organizations with a large influx of people, such as casinos and hotels.

Once the coronavirus pandemic arises, it will surely begin to change the agendas at a global level as part of the organization of multitudinal meetings, shows, recitals, sales and general tourism. The consumer will be more demanding with hygiene, food security, and limitations in terms of the number of people in restaurants, hotels, tourist destinations and casinos. In this context, the casino operators, bingo halls and gambling halls must have the importance of preparing for the reopening moment.


Limpidus has designed a service that uses a broad spectrum disinfectant product that acts in a direct way, and that with the nebulization aggregate, it uses all surfaces that are not used with traditional cleaning methods. The disinfection process can last for 30 minutes, depending on the area to be disinfected, minimizing the time of inactivity in your hotel, casino or workshop, just let it evaporate to use it normally.

The disinfectant has a wide range of action that attacks microbes, viruses, fungi and bacteria, with studies that can eliminate pathogens in seconds. It is, in turn, quickly biodegradable and safe for people because it does not leave waste once used. Therefore, in addition to fighting Coronavirus, the product fights with a high efficiency of bacteria that attack your digestive, immune system, HIV, Hepatitis, flu, etc. In addition, the process eliminates more odors from the root.

“Using chemical products designed by chemists with 50 years of experience and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the USA) that apply with cleaning techniques and special spraying machines, we can disinfect 99.99% of the entire surface of your company with highly powerful micro particles to attack and eliminate the Coronavirus “, says Marcos Argenti, President of Limpidus Latinoamerica. “We take care of the Medioambiente, we use biodegradable products, which do not waste residues, do not animate on canvas, packaged food, losa, cubicles on electrical artifacts”.

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