We are experts in cleaning, as we have only been doing this for over 40 years

We are a market-leading brand, the only Brazilian cleaning company operating in 14 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

Our way of operating the business and serving customers is the result of our experience of more than 4 decades and is based on our 6 core values, which are:

. Integrity,

. Long term vision,

. High performance,

. Unparalleled Service,

. Best people,

. Attention to the details.

Our effort and dedication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in developing innovative cleaning processes and applying the best international practices, combined with a structure, is what also allows us to offer an increasingly efficient service. and professional service to our more than 5000 corporate clients and to expand globally.

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A cleaning company with a difference.

Unique operating model · National service · Focus on services · Support from regional offices in Brazil and abroad

+ 40
+ 5000