Do Well. Stay Well.

For people and the planet.

Creating a better world for you and the generations to come.

Do Well. Stay Well.

It is Limpidus´ ESG platform.

It expresses our dedication to reducing inequalities, decreasing our environmental footprint and promoting diversity, while strengthening the value proposition of our business.

Our strategy

Do Well. Stay Well.

It accelerates our sustainability efforts and aligns our vision of the future: Guaranteeing equity and prosperity for people and healthy and safe environments for work, generating the least possible impact on the planet.

These goals express our priorities and ambitions, convey where we should focus our efforts, and inspire our entire organization.

Our ESG platform starts with PEOPLE.

People are at the center of everything we do and that´s why we are focused on ensuring equity and well-being for Limpidus employees and franchisees, the people in the communities where we live and work, as well as everyone connected to our supply chain.

We use our efforts to preserve our PLANET, minimizing the environmental impact caused by our operations, whether in terms of the materials, products, equipment and methods we use on a daily basis, to the choice of our suppliers and even the vehicles we use.

As a company adhering to the United Nations Global Compact, all our actions are aligned with our SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals and will always be disclosed in annual GOVERNANCE reports.

In this way, we define our performance indicators and internal goals in line with our corporate objectives and thus achieve our priorities.


Engaged people delight customers, guarantee a healthy, safe environment and reinforce our values.


Respect, motivation and recognition generate commitment

Professional qualification

High performance based on people retention and continuous training.

Diversity and Inclusion

The power of engagement combined with Diversity and talent


Use of the best products, correct application of the best techniques and a holistic vision guarantee clean and healthy environments

Sustainable Products and Practices

Less toxic products and correct practices reduce our environmental footprint.

Operational efficiency

Planning, technology and focus on management improve performance and reduce direct costs.

Safe environments

People work better when they feel that the work environment is truly clean and sanitized.


For Limpidus, Governance is Integrity. And that for us is a Core Value.

For over 40 years, we have identified Integrity as one of our 6 Core Values, which guide, inspire and sustain our daily actions and decisions.

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