Ensure a positive experience for your guests

Hotels need positive reviews from their guests. After all, cleanliness is one of the items that weighs most on customers´ decisions when researching where to stay.

We know that when a person stays, whether for tourism or business, they bring more things than their cell phone and their luggage. It brings a series of expectations that need to be met through pleasant and positive experiences in every way. And this should be reflected not only in the cleanliness of the rooms but in all other areas of the hotel.

We know this subject well, as we take care of tidying rooms and cleaning common areas in dozens of hotels in 14 countries. We monitor guest reviews regarding cleaning services on a daily basis and immediately make any necessary corrections.

This process of continuous improvement explains customer satisfaction and our international growth in this segment and the reason why the hotels served by Limpidus end up having a better grade in the overall score. In the end, this contributes to increased occupancy and increased profitability.

Our business model for accommodation ensures a superior standard of services combined with savings and high productivity.

See some types of services we offer for hotels, flats and resorts:

General cleaning and housekeeping HELP US Program:Helping hotels to reinforce their team of maids, cleaning assistants and laundry attendants, in times of high demand or turnover.

FULL CARE Program:Continuously fill all cleaning positions, both in common areas and in tidying rooms.

DEEP CLEAN Program:Deeply and continuously clean rooms, removing detail cleaning from the hotel staff.

WORK Program:Provide technical cleaning services, with attention to detail, after construction or renovations.

PAY-PER-USE: QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY AND ECONOMY In this modality, services are contracted according to the average occupancy, frequency and desired schedule according to existing needs and payment is made only for the cleaning carried out. Ideal for hotels, flats and resorts as well as commercial and residential condominiums, as it allows you to lower fixed costs during periods of low occupancy, guaranteeing the same standard of services during times of high occupancy.

Services for hospitality areas include:

. Dedicated Account Manager

. Selected and trained team

. Supervision

. Quality Assurance based on the “Double Check” concept

. GreenClean® Program

. CleanCheck® management system

A cleaning company with a difference.

Unique operating model · National service · Focus on services · Support from regional offices in Brazil and abroad

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