The largest cleaning chain in Latin America, with over 40 years of operation

Created in 1980, Limpidus is a market-leading cleaning company, with more than 40 years of activity and is now the largest national network of cleaning services. We serve throughout Brazil and are present in 14 countries, guaranteeing our more than 5000 customers the most modern facilities management and technical solutions in this area.

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Our difference

A unique and innovative business management model

Limpidus is different from all the cleaning companies you know for several reasons. The main thing is that our entire operation is carried out by exclusive franchisees who reside in the region where the services are provided.

They personally take care of every day-to-day detail, from team selection and training to supervision and customer service, all with the support of the Limpidus Regional Offices, which handle the back-office of administrative activities. As the business owner - the Limpidus Franchisee, he has the knowledge, attitude and motivation that guarantees the superior quality of services. We were pioneers in the use of franchises in cleaning services in Brazil, where each franchisee acts as a consultant for each of our more than 5000 customers. This franchisee-client proximity is what makes it possible to identify real cleaning needs and guarantee tailor-made solutions, without burdening the budget and with incomparable service.


Our services

We are cleaning experts as we have only been doing this for over 40 years.

As a "full service" cleaning company, we meet all of a company´s needs, whether from daily cleaning, end-of-construction cleaning to glass cleaning, carpet and partition washing, floor treatment or facade cleaning.

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Management model

Modern system that guarantees incomparable performance and service.

National Service

We serve all units of your company, wherever they are located.


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A systemic view

Limpidus is a market leading company, recognized for the high standard of delivery of its services. As a specialist cleaning company, we understand that each client is unique and each branch, activity and segment in which we operate has its own rules, needs, particularities and regulations. But one thing that doesn´t change is the need to maintain high standards and compliance. Our commitment to high quality standards is part of our DNA, as 100% of our base of more than 5,000 customers are private companies and our entire operation is carried out by an exclusive and dedicated network of franchisees. We are proud to be the pioneer in Brazil in cleaning franchises and have won recognition from PEGN and Serasa Experian for consecutive years as the "Best cleaning franchise in Brazil" in the corporate cleaning segment..

We are proud of:

| Meet your needs with the highest standard of services
| Ensure safe and healthy working environments
| Guarantee labor relations in accordance with local legislation in each country where we operate
| Approval of a chain of responsible suppliers
| Seek reductions in our environmental impact whenever possible  
| Reduce risks through structured processes, modern technologies and constant development of our employees 

A cleaning company with a difference.

Unique operating model · National service · Focus on services · Support from regional offices in Brazil and abroad

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