A masterful touch at the end of your work.

All the investment and work you have had to do with the construction or renovation of your project deserves that, in the end, the cleaning services are carried out with great care and attention to detail. Only a company that really specializes in cleaning, that has the knowledge and experience of how to clean the modern and varied types of finishing materials used today can guarantee the technical and professional service you need.

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Every investment you made in your work or renovation represents an asset that needs to be well looked after. After all, after spending a fortune on architects, engineers, construction materials and top-notch finishing, you don´t want to waste everything by handing over the end-of-construction cleaning to just anyone, do you agree?

It takes a lot of technical knowledge to analyze the materials that were used in the work and specify the correct chemicals that will be used. We normally use some acids in this service to help remove cement and mortar that always remains on floors, grout, frames, but if the person does not have the necessary knowledge to do this perfectly, they can use a very strong acid that can damage the surfaces. irremediably.


Construction projects generate a lot of debris, regardless of size as old walls are demolished or new buildings are removed. Construction work will be complete when all of this remaining material has been safely removed from the site. Construction cleaning prevents debris, dust and other contaminants from compromising your new construction or renovation. We comply with the manufacturer´s warranty and implement best practices for the longevity and preservation of your installations. We understand that the most critical cleaning is done during the initial care of newly constructed and installed surfaces. We use unique products, tools, equipment and processes that each project requires. Then we´ll do whatever it takes to get everything ready so you can get back to work in a safer, cleaner, renovated or newly constructed space.

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