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Commercial cleaning services for stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, car dealerships, etc.

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Store cleaning conditions are essential to offering a great shopping experience for consumers. Limpidus is a commercial cleaning company that understands that everything you do is to make the customer experience more positive.

Store cleaning experience

That´s why we go beyond just sweeping and polishing floors and cleaning surfaces. We will make all our commercial cleaning experience available to you, having already served hundreds of large retail chain stores.

We have innovative and exclusive technologies in the cleaning area, including our exclusive GreenClean Sustainable Cleaning Program and our "Double Check" system, to guarantee a superior quality service and significantly reduce your cleaning costs.

We work hard on the technical and behavioral training of our teams to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The condition of a retail center plays an important role in the overall customer experience and can affect repeat buyers and customer recommendations. If you want to attract more customers and keep people coming back, you must provide them with a clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Additionally, keeping employees and customers safe and healthy is critical to maintaining a strong reputation. All of these results depend on competent and comprehensive facilities management services. At xxx we have experience working with a range of retail centres, from individual stores to shopping centres. At each facility, our focus is to create a welcoming, clean atmosphere for your visitors, customers and tenants while meeting your unique needs, objectives and legal requirements. Every shopping center is different, which is why we will customize our services to meet your budgetary goals and service needs.

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