Greenclean sustainable cleaning program (PGC).

In 2008, we developed the concept of Green Cleaning in a pioneering way, being the first company in Brazil to be certified by the Green Clean Institute (USA).

Our objective is to reduce our "environmental footprint" as much as possible, whether through the use of products that are less harmful to the environment, less use of plastic materials and packaging, as well as processes that help improve internal air quality in closed environments.

Our GreenClean Program (PGC), sustainable cleaning, puts the Limpidus customer on another level when it comes to Sustainability.

Created in 2008 and 100% aligned with an ESG agenda, an innovative management tool, ahead of its time and which we are sure will be the standard in the cleaning services industry in the next decade. Limpidus´ PGC presents exclusive and innovative solutions, aligned with current sustainability demands, especially in the post-pandemic world. All this to guarantee a high standard of services and safety for our customers, every day.

The creation of the PGC allowed Limpidus to be the first cleaning company in Brazil to achieve certification from the GCI – GreenClean Institute in 2008. (USA)

Focusing on people´s health and reducing environmental impact, our GreenClean Program is aimed at companies that are developing sustainability projects and seeking environmental certifications or that are simply interested in reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

PGC represents the last word in sustainable cleaning services, because among other things, it uses less aggressive products, equipment and processes developed specifically for this purpose.

Limpidus´ GreenClean Program can contribute up to 30% of the points required for companies seeking environmental certifications such as LEED certification granted by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

The GreenClean Program is made up of more than 70 requirements and is based on policies, procedures and also an intense training program, which includes good cleaning practices, resource optimization, waste reduction and less pollution, such as:

. Reduction in the use of water and electricity

. Reduction and rational use of chemical products

. Use of less toxic and environmentally polluting products

. Use of vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter, which retains 99.7% of dirt and impurities

. Use of equipment with low noise levels

. Use of microfiber technology in floor cleaning cloths and mops

. Use of electrostatic dust seals 

. Processes that reduce the level of suspended dust (Internal Air Quality)

. Control over waste disposal and destination  

. Proper disposal of waste generated in cleaning activities

. Use of containment barriers in access areas

. Review and continuous improvement of cleaning processes, among others


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