High performance

High performance

Limpidus is different!
Understand why people say this.

We all know how difficult it is to hire people to perform cleaning services, who perform the work with quality, commitment and efficiency, without causing damage to the facilities, waste of material and who actually clean. The same difficulty also exists in hiring professionals to coordinate this work, that is, qualified people who are at the same time willing to supervise cleaning services.

These two reasons are what led Limpidus to develop, in a pioneering way in Brazil, a unique operations system, based on franchises, where the service supervisor is the "business owner" - the Limpidus franchisee. By adopting this model, we place, on a daily basis, at the head of the operation, a properly trained, motivated person with the attitude and autonomy that only the "business owner" has, and with the necessary resources to take care of every detail, from the selection and staff training through to work supervision and customer service.

It is precisely up to the "business owner" to take care of the most sensitive and important part, which is selecting, training and motivating people and serving the customer. It is this commitment and motivation that explains why we are able to achieve superior performance standards, which guarantee maximum satisfaction and a superior quality of services, without increasing costs. On the contrary, due to the elimination of intermediate layers of hierarchy, control and management, our structure is linear and completely decentralized, leaner and less bureaucratic, which explains why our costs are extremely competitive.

In addition to receiving all initial training and a range of advanced courses available at our Cleaning University, Limpidus franchisees receive support from regional Limpidus offices, which provide all necessary technical, commercial and administrative assistance and also monitor the quality of services. to ensure that customer expectations are met.

The attention and care that the customer receives on a daily basis from the “business owner”, which only progresses if the customer is satisfied combined with the experience of a brand with 40 years of serving high-standard companies, represents the maximum guarantee for the customer, within a modern and innovative concept, unmatched on the market.

Unparalleled service

Our biggest competitive differentiator

Limpidus operates exclusively through franchises and our franchisees grow as local leaders in each municipality where we operate. Every franchisee, in addition to residing in the region, has the determination, autonomy and attitude that ensures that things happen on a daily basis, in the manner and time expected, with maximum quality and agility. Limpidus, as a franchisor, acts as a back-office, providing all the training, tools and support necessary for each franchisee to develop and grow in an extremely competitive market.


Motivation guarantees good service and quality


High standards in cleaning services depend on combining the right person with the right service and service mentality.

The entire Limpidus system is based on a chain of good selection, motivation and recognition of the people who perform by the people who coordinate the services and this explains our high standard of services and the attention we give to every detail of our customers, an unparalleled difference when compared to conventional cleaning companies. No one is as committed to customer satisfaction as the business owner himself, as his success and growth depend on it.

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