Standardization and predictability for large-scale operations

Cleaning industries and logistics warehouses is a complex service due to the great diversity of environments. Each of these areas has specific cleaning needs and requires a lot of care and attention.

In partnership with our customers, we introduce the industrial cleaning innovations needed to support the success they need.

At the same time, there are a series of considerations and legal requirements relating to cleaning, waste removal, handling of industrial waste that need to meet workplace safety standards and protocols.

For all of this, it is important that you work with a company like Limpidus – a company specialized in cleaning that has the experience and proven capacity to provide industrial cleaning services.

We have served large industrial groups, logistics warehouses, metro terminals and airports for over 40 years and the quality of our work has even been recognized by some of them with excellence awards for the results of our work. We have developed our own processes and methods to operate in this area, which will meet your needs efficiently, consistently and at extremely attractive costs.

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