Innovation is the key to providing excellent services

Providing cleaning services is built around routine and repetition. Routine changes and improvements are usually only made in response to service complaints, which is why service teams end up chasing problems instead of delivering results. To offer our customers a more proactive, transparent and effective service solution, we first need to resolve the central issue, which is having the right people and reducing turnover. With this in mind, more than 30 years ago, we created an innovative management model, based on franchises, placing the business owner in charge of the day-to-day operation, focused on the key to the problem, which is recruitment, selection, training and motivation. of people. Only with a stable team can we take the next step and implement processes and technology, making the operation more agile, sustainable, lean and efficient. See some examples.

Internet of Things (IOT) is revolutionizing cleaning activities.

The future of commercial cleaning will be completely different from what we have seen to date, with the arrival of 5G technology that allows the use of new technologies that increase work productivity.

Clean Check

Developed by Limpidus´ IT area, we can monitor the execution of services in real time, by reading QR-CODE labels placed at strategic points with cell phones and knowing whether the activities foreseen in each employee´s work plan are being carried out, enabling a complete analysis of the operation and the immediate adoption of corrective and improvement measures.


Developed by Limpidus´ IT area, it is an essential tool during inspection visits. Connected in real-time with our Icloud server, we can record the activities carried out and the quality standard found when our field consultants visit.


Labels and tablets placed at strategic points, allow the customer´s own users, if necessary, to interact directly with the cleaning team, reporting cleaning action needs or immediate replacement of disposables

With our GlossMeter we can objectively establish the desired level of gloss on the floor.

Establishing clear and objective gloss level standards when treating floors makes quality control more objective and measurable and saves time, electricity and chemicals.

Disinfection with quality monitoring by ATP (Covid19)

Environmental disinfection services through electrostatic nebulization with 5th generation disinfectant and optional service to measure the level of infection using ATP luminescence.

A cleaning company with a difference.

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