The beauty and durability of your floors depends on the cleaning techniques used to maintain them.


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Each type of floor requires a different cleaning process and knowing how to do this is essential for the floors to have a long life.

Some natural stone floors are more resistant, such as granite and slate. In general, these floors resist the flow of people well and require little maintenance.

Floors made of limestone material, such as travertine marble, carrara, etc. are no longer as resistant to the intense flow of people and for their good conservation and longevity, it will be necessary to protect them with a few layers of wax, a process we call "degradation treatment". flooring" or "waterproofing". This treatment aims not only to protect the floor itself, but also the mortar used in the grout, which, if exposed, without protection over time will crumble until it is completely removed.

Limpidus is a company specialized in floor cleaning, including waterproofing and treatment, hydrojet washing and can set up a floor maintenance program suitable for your needs

Maintaining your company´s floors is of fundamental importance not only to preserve the floors but also if you want to maintain a good image of your business.

Floors are used absolutely all the time, whether by those who pass by or by those who stay at the company. The result of this is that the floor tends to become dirty, stained, scratched, etc.

The cleaning techniques used by Limpidus guarantee a clean and beautiful floor for our customers.

Our floor cleaning can occur either as part of the daily cleaning in your establishment, or in specific situations that require more extensive cleaning, such as after events, works, floods or other accidents, etc.

Limpidus´ expert technicians are highly skilled to provide our customers with the most cost-effective flooring solution, tailored to meet your needs. In addition to floor cleaning and maintenance solutions, we also offer floor analysis to identify the source of flooring system failures in new or existing installations.

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