Efficiency and savings in daily cleaning and maintenance contracts

Daily cleaning, cleaning on alternate days, nightly cleaning, Day-Cleaning and Pay-per-use are some of the ways we perform daily Cleaning and Conservation services.

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Limpidus´ daily cleaning and maintenance service aims to meet the hygiene and conservation demands of our customers with a high degree of technical standardization.

To begin with, we carry out a thorough survey of your company and its real cleaning needs. After that, we prepare a personalized work plan, but always prioritizing sustainability, innovation and progressive and appropriate solutions for cleaning your company. In addition to our national coverage and our innovative service format based on exclusive and local franchises, an important differentiator of Limpidus is our billing method. At Limpidus, our clients pay us for the "service performed" and not for "hours worked".

This allows for the rationalization of costs and optimization of resources, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity when contracting cleaning and conservation services. We call this system a pay-per-use, system , that is, "Pay for Use".

Our experience of more than 40 years in the cleaning industry allows us to serve the most varied segments with quality and excellence, from offices, retail chains and schools to condominiums, hotels, gyms and logistics warehouses, all within consistent standards of quality and service. incomparable.

A cleaning company with a difference.

Unique operating model · National service · Focus on services · Support from regional offices in Brazil and abroad

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