Carpet cleaning

Surface vacuuming, deep vacuuming, Bonnet System, Dry-Clean, Dry cleaning, Extraction washing and stain removal are some of the methods we use in our Carpet Conservation Program, to ensure that carpeted areas are always beautiful, healthy and last longer.

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With proper care and maintenance, carpets can last more than a decade, ensuring a pleasant environment and promoting well-being. It is important to know the cleaning techniques and benefits that a professional cleaning program can guarantee, which includes vacuuming methods, stain removal, preventive surface cleaning and restorative deep cleaning to keep carpeted floors with the best hygiene and appearance.

Among these benefits, the most important are:

Comfort: Carpets provide a soft, cushioned surface underfoot, making them ideal for areas where people spend a lot of time standing, walking, or even sitting and working. Additionally, they keep the space “warm and cozy” during the colder months.

Noise reduction: Carpeting absorbs sound, reducing noise levels in offices and corporate facilities. This can be particularly beneficial in busy or open spaces where noise can be distracting or disruptive.

Visual appeal: Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, carpets can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. They can also help define spaces and create a cohesive design theme.

Well-being: A well-maintained carpet contributes to a clean and healthy environment, reducing allergens and promoting overall well-being.

Carpet Maintenance Program

Limpidus offers its customers a complete and comprehensive maintenance program to ensure that the carpet remains in the best condition for many years.

Vacuuming: Vacuuming is an essential cleaning activity that aims to remove unattached dirt such as dust and debris. Heavy traffic areas with large flows of people passing through the area require deeper vacuuming, at least twice a week. Light traffic areas require less frequency, which can be once a week. It´s good to know that the vacuuming process, no matter how light it is, causes wear on the carpet fibers. Therefore, you should avoid vacuuming every day. To ensure a healthy environment with good indoor air quality, it is necessary to use high-quality vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter to capture allergens and ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.

Preventative surface cleaning: Also known as dry cleaning or “bonnet”, this method involves the use of an industrial waxing machine and a pad made of cotton fibers that is used to remove dirt and stains from the surface of the carpet in so-called “lines”. of traffic.” These “traffic lines” are those areas of the carpet in general in hallways and passage areas that end up becoming darker due to constant trampling in the area. This method is ideal for regular maintenance and cleaning of places that need to be cleaned in a short time, such as hotels, theaters, cinemas and casinos, as it is less invasive than deep cleaning methods that use a larger volume of water and allows for longer periods of time. faster drying

Rotary Shampoo: Consists of the application of a detergent solution and mechanical scrubbing and subsequent removal of dirt from the carpet using extraction machines, which rinse the area and remove the cleaning solution. The frequency of this method will depend on how the area is used, the level of dirt and the efficiency of the cleaning program adopted, as it is a very aggressive method to the carpet fibers and the more times it is used, the shorter the durability of the carpet will be. carpet.

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