We clean patios and parking lots, efficiently and with high productivity.

Sweeping, hydrojetting, surface and deep cleaning services for patios, streets, parking lots, garages, basements, etc.

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Cleaning parking lots is an important challenge that managers of condominiums, shopping malls, supermarkets, logistics warehouses and other establishments face.

Garages are often large environments, whose floors can become extremely dirty, due to dust and soot, tire marks, oil leaks, etc.

Furthermore, some garages, especially underground ones, have some of the building´s metal structures and pipes exposed, and may therefore be subject to corrosion. Underground parking lots can also suffer from the accumulation of germs, as they are less exposed to light and ventilation than common spaces.

Limpidus is a company specialized in cleaning garages and parking lots, and has the knowledge to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in these environments.

A cleaning company with a difference.

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