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Aseptic cleaning is very different from conventional cleaning. People who carry out this cleaning work in clinics and laboratories need to receive specific training and guidance on cleaning critical and non-critical areas, terminal and concurrent cleaning, care to avoid cross-contamination and know the disinfection protocols very well . They need to know how to correctly use personal protective equipment (such as masks, gloves and hats) to avoid contact with surfaces and protect themselves from microorganisms.

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People who work in cleaning clinics and healthcare areas need to be trained on how to correctly handle and apply hospital chemicals and disinfectants in areas that may be contaminated and require asepsis.

They need to know the correct concurrent cleaning procedures carried out with the patient in the room, as well as terminal cleaning, which requires special attention to points of high human contact, such as tables, telephones, doorknobs, light switches, television remote controls, as well as high parts, sides, back of the patient´s bed in addition to the toilets. Everything is done from top to bottom, to ensure no surface is forgotten.

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